Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - December week 5

LUTHER ALLISON (2009) Songs From The Road (Ruf)
- Cancel My Check
- Living In The House Of The Blues

- If You Wanna Leave 
- All I Want

JEFF HEALEY (2009) Songs From The Road (Ruf)
- I Think I Love You Too Much
- Hoochie Coochie Man

MIKE ZITO AND THE WHEEL (2014) Songs From The Road (Ruf)
- Hell On Me 

COCO MONTOYA (2014) Songs From The Road (Ruf)
- I Got A Mind To Travel

CANNED HEAT (2015) Songs From The Road (Ruf)
- On The Road Again
- Chicken Shack Boogie
- Let's Work Together

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - December week 4

THE HEID-BASSETT BLUES INSURGENTS (2015) The Heid-Bassett Blues Insurgents (Eastlawn)
- Pick Up The Pieces
- Same Old Blues

WEE WILLIE WALKER (2015) If Nothing Ever Changes (The Little Village Foundation)
- If Nothing Ever Changes 
- Hymn For Lonely Hearts

SUGAR RAY RAYFORD (2015) Southside (Nimoy Sue)
- Live To Love Again

JIMMY BURNS (2015) It Ain't Right (Delmark)
- Snaggletooth Mule 

IRONING BOARD SAM (2015) Super Spirit (Big Legal Mess)
- Hold On

JONN DEL TORO RICHARDSON (2015) Tengo Blues (VizzTone)
- Tengo Blues
- This I Know

RONNIE EARL & THE BROADCASTERS (2015) Father's Day (Stony Plain)
- I'll Take Care Of You 
(vc : Diane Blue)

KENNY NEAL (2015) I'll Be Home For Christmas (Cleopatra)
- Christmas Comes But Once A Year
- Merry Christmas Baby (Version 2)

EUGENE HIDEAWAY BRIDGES (2015) Merry Christmas Everybody (Armadillo)
(Feat. Micky Moody)
- Merry Christmas Everybody

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - December week 3

BIG CREEK SLIM (2015) Hope For My Soul (Straight Shooter / Gateway)
- Hope For My Soul
- Hobo Blues

ARLEN ROTH (2015) Slide Guitar Summit (Aquinnah)
(With Jimmy Vivino)
- And When I Die (One Child Born) 
- Poor Boy Blues

BIG CREEK SLIM (2015) Hope For My Soul (Straight Shooter / Gateway)
- Big Road Blues

DR. HELANDER (2015) Country Boy (Bluelight)
(With Charlie Musselwhite)
- Country Boy 
- Just A Feeling 

IGOR PRADO BAND & DELTA GROOVE ALL STARS (2015) Way Down South (Delta Groove)
- Talk To Me Baby 
(With Rod Piazza)
- Rooster Blues 
(With Wallace Coleman)

MARTIN LANG (2015) Chicago Harp Blues Sesssions (Random Chance)
- Scratch My Back
- Sloppy Drunk 
(With Willie Buck)

JIMMY ADLER (2015) Grease Alley (Sprucewood)
- Drank Too Much 
(With Kid Andersen, Eric Spaulding, Jim Pugh & June Core)
- Love Was Worth These Blues 
(With June Core, Jim Pugh & Kid Andersen)

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - December week 2

BIG GEORGE JACKSON (2015) On Black And Tan Vol.1 (Black&Tan)
- Hard Hearted Woman
- Biscuits 'n' Molasses

DOUG MacLEOD (2015) Doug's Slide Guitar (Black&Tan)
- Cold Rain
- Night Walking

BOO BOO DAVIS (2015) Oldskool (Black&Tan)
- Down The Road I Go
- Boo Boo Fool

ROSCOE CHENIER (2015) On Black And Tan Vol.1 (Black&Tan)
- Blues Around My Bed
- 5.19 Blues (Please Be On That 5.19)

VA. (2015) Keeping Living Music Alive Vol.1 (Black&Tan)
Percy Strother : I Ain't Superstitous
Percy Strother : Take My Love

ERSKINE OGLESBY (2015) Saxophone Blues Vol.1 (Black&Tan)
- Backstreet
- Fair Skin Woman

BYTHER SMITH (2015) In Europe Vol.2 (Black&Tan)
- Sell My Monkey

BYTHER SMITH (2015) In Europe Vol.1 (Black&Tan)
- So Many Roads, So Many Trains
- Don't Hurt Me No More

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - December week 1

MISS ANGEL (2015) Down In Mississippi (Electro-Fi)
(With Shawn Kellerman)
Blues In The Alley
- I Like Your Soul

 MEL BROWN (2000) Neck Bones & Caviar (Electro-Fi)
- I Believe To My Soul

HARMONICA SHAH (2015) If You Live To Get Old, You Will Understand (Electro-Fi)
(With Jack De Keyzer & Julian Fauth)
- I Just Don't Want You No More
- My Babe Is On This Train 

BLACKBURN (2015) Brothers In This World (Electro-Fi)
- My Train
- I Can't Go Home

MEL BROWN (2010) Love, Lost And Found (Electro-Fi)
- Come Back Baby

RIP LEE PRYOR (2014) Nobody But Me (Electro-Fi)
- Lonesome
- Crazy Bout You Baby

SNOOKY PRYOR & MEL BROWN (2000) Double Shot ! (Electro-Fi)
Early In The Morning

JAMES HARMAN (2015) Bonetime (Electro-Fi)
- Ain't It Crazy
- Coldfront Woman

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - November week 4

DAVE ALVIN & PHIL ALVIN (2015) Lost Time (Yep Roc)
- Cherry Red Blues
- Wee Baby Blues

(Delta Groove)
- One Way Love Affair
- Can't You See

(Delta Groove)
- Everything I Do Is Wrong 
(vc : Darrell Nulisch)
- Blues For David Maxwell

AL BASILE (2015) B's Expression (Sweetspot)
- Never Good Enough
- Answer Me

THE TEXAS HORNS (2015) Blues Gotta Holda Me (VizzTone)
- Lost Mind
- Blues Gotta Holda Me

THE KNICKERBOCKER ALL-STARS (2015) Go Back Home To The Blues 
(JP Cadillac)
- I Tried 
(vc : Willie J Laws)
- Go Back Home To The Blues 
(vc : Brian Templeton)

KAI STRAUSS (2015) I Go By Feel (Continental Blue Heaven)
- Back And Forth 
(Feat. Mike Wheeler & Sax Gordon)
- Gotta Wake Up 
(Feat. Mike Wheeler & Sax Gordon)

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - November week 3

January 14, 1938 – November 10, 2015

ALLEN TOUSSAINT (1975) Live In Philadelphia, PA (Warner)
- High Life
- Touch Of Love
- Brickyard Blues

ALLEN TOUSSAINT (1970) From A Whisper To A Scream (Kent)
- Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
- Pickles
- Sweet Touch Of Love

ALLEN TOUSSAINT (1972) Life, Love And Faith (Warner)
- Soul Sister
- On Your Way Down

ALLEN TOUSSAINT (1975) Southern Nights (Warner)
- When The Party's Over
- You Will Not Lose

ALLEN TOUSSAINT (1978) Motion (Warner)
- Just A Kiss Away
- With You In Mind

ALLEN TOUSSAINT (2009) The Bright Mississippi (Nonesuch)
- St. James Infirmary
- Winin' Boy Blues

ALLEN TOUSSAINT (2013) Songbook (Rounder)
- It's Raining
- Lipstick Traces
- Get Out Of My Life, Woman

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - November week 2

STEVE ''BIG MAN'' CLAYTON (2015) Best Of 1999-2007 (Stormy Monday)
- Baby Please
- The Anxious Boogie

HENRY CARPANETO (2014) Voodoo Boogie (Orange Home)
- Turn Down The Noise 
(Feat. Bryan Lee)

KEN SAYDAK (2015) Live In La Veta Vol.2 (S. Cargo)
- Thinking And Drinking
- Ain't Found The Answer Yet

CHRIS FOREMAN (2015) Now Is Time (The Sirens)
(Feat. Andy Brown)

HENRY CARPANETO (2014) Voodoo Boogie (Orange Home)
- Dog & Down Blues 
(Feat. Bryan Lee, Otis Grand & Tony Coleman)

RAPHAEL WRESSNIG (2014) Soul Gumbo (Zyx)
- Room With A View
(Feat. Tad Robinson & Alex Schultz)
I Want To Know 
(Feat. Walter ''Wolfman'' Washington & George Porter, Jr.)

EDDY LOUISS (1995) Louissiana (La Bande Son)
- So I Am In New Orleans

EDDY LOUISS (1987) Sang Mêlé (Nocturne)
- Blues For Klook

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - November week 1

SHEMEKIA COPELAND (2015) Outskirts Of Love (Alligator)
- Isn't That So
- Devil's Hand

- Walking With The Wolf
- Meet Me In Bluesland

MARCIA BALL (2014) The Tattooed Lady And The Alligator Man (Alligator)
- Can't Blame Nobody But Myself
- Lazy Blues

TOMMY CASTRO & THE PAINKILLERS (2015) Method To My Madness (Alligator)
- Lose Lose
- All About The Cash

JOE LOUIS WALKER (2015) Everybody Wants A Piece (Provogue)
- Black & Blue
- Gospel Blues

IRONING BOARD SAM (2015) Super Spirit (Big Legal Mess)
- I'm Lookin' For A Woman
- Honey Baby

- I'm Good
- True Love Is Hard To Find

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - October week 4

BENOIT BLUE BOY (2000) En Amérique (Frémeaux & Associés)
Blues En La Noche (With Randy Garibay)

LES PETITS BAIGNEURS (2015) Hé Là-Bas (Les Petits Baigneurs)
Blues In The Night

LENNY LAFARGUE (2000) L'Estuaire (Lenny Lafargue / Célia)
Le Blues Me Poursuit

(Frémeaux & Associés)
Le Blues Au Bout De Mon Lit

STEVE VERBEKE (2002) Montreuil Boogaloo (Magic Blues)
Résolument Bleu (Acoustic Jam) (With Benoît Blue Boy & Lenny Lafargue)

LENNY LAFARGUE (2000) L'Estuaire (Lenny Lafargue / Célia)
Des Jours Et Des Nuits

RAOUL FICEL (2014) 5 (Frogs In The Blues Bag)
Tu Me Rends Fou

STEVE VERBEKE (2015) Deuxième Tiers (Steve Verbeke)
Love Away

LES PETITS BAIGNEURS (2015) Hé Là-Bas (Les Petits Baigneurs)
Saint James Infirmary

PATRICK VERBEKE (2005) Capturé Live ! (DixieFrog / Magic Blues)
Saint James Infirmary

LENNY LAFARGUE (2014) Blues Hymns (Lbontempsrouler / Vmusic)
Woke Up This Morning

LENNY LAFARGUE (2003) A Qui Parler (Lenny Lafargue)
Debout A Ma Fenêtre

RAOUL FICEL (2010) Qui A Tué Robert Johnson (Raoul Ficel)
Pt' Etre Bien

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - October week 3

DUKE ROBILLARD (2015) The Acoustic Blues & Roots Of Duke Robillard (DixieFrog)
 I Miss My Baby In My Arms
- Someday Baby
- Profoundly Blue

GUY DAVIS (2015) Kokomo Kidd (DixieFrog)
- Talking Just A Little Bit Of Time
- She Just Wants To Be Loved

BIG DADDY WILSON (2015) Time (DixieFrog)
- She Loves Me
- We're Ready

ERIC BIBB & JJ MILTEAU (2015) Lead Belly's Gold / Live At The Sunset And More (DixieFrog)
- Goin' Down Slow
- Where Did You Sleep Last Night

BO WEAVIL & BAND (2015) A Son Of Pride (DixieFrog / Borderline Blues)
- Are You Like Me
- Can't Sleep At Night

LITTLE BOB BLUES BASTARDS (2015) Howlin' (DixieFrog)
- The Blues Are Brewing

BALKUN BROTHERS (2015) Balkun Brothers (DixieFrog / Borderline Blues)
- Storm For The Devil

POPA CHUBBY (2015) Big, Bad And Beautiful / Live (DixieFrog)
- Love In Vain

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - October week 2

FIONA BOYES (2015) Box And Dice (Blue Empress)
I Done Quit
Walk With Me

SAN2 & HIS SOUL PATROL (2015) Rebirth Of Soul & Recycling The Blues (Nordpolrecords)
Hoodoo Man Blues

RON HACKER & THE HACKSAWS (2015) Goin' Down Howlin' (WTB)
Goin' Down Slow
Evil Hearted Woman

CHRIS JAMES & PATRICK RYNN (2015) Trouble Don't Last (VizzTone)
Trouble Don't Last
Don't Drive Me Away

JOHN MAYALL (2015) Find A Way To Care (Forty Below)
Mother In Law Blues
Long Distance Call

ANDY POXON (2015) Must Be Crazy ! (EllerSoul)
Don't Tell Me What To Do
Making A Fool

JIMMY BURNS (2015) It Ain't Right (Delmark)
- It Ain't Right
Stand By Me

SAN2 & HIS SOUL PATROL (2015) Rebirth Of Soul & Recycling The Blues (Nordpolrecords)
Hallelujah I Love Her So