Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - September week 5

ANDY POXON (2015) Must Be Crazy ! (EllerSoul)
You Must Be Crazy
I Want To Know

ISAIAH B BRUNT (2014) Just The Way That It Goes (Isaiah B Brunt)
Precious Stone

DEB CALLAHAN (2015) Sweet Soul (Blue Pearl)
Crazy 'Bout You Baby
I Been Hoodood

THE JOSH GARRETT BAND (2015) Honey For My Queen (Josh Garrett)
Honey For My Queen
Ain't Nobody's Business

BILLY THE KID & THE LIBERATORS (2015) I Can't Change (Billy The Kid)
I Can't Change
Can't Stand To See You Go (Feat. Jason Ricci & Sean Carney)

KERN PRATT (2015) Broken Chains (Kern Pratt)
- Lights Are On, But Nobody's Home

THE BETTY FOX BAND (2015) Slow Burn (Betty Fox)
- Baby Please
- Slow Burn

ANDY POXON (2015) Must Be Crazy ! (EllerSoul)
Give Me A Chance

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - September week 4

July 11, 1936 – September 8, 2015

SMOKEY WILSON (1977) Blowin' Smoke (Big Town)
Night Time
- I'm Gonna Leave You Baby
I'm Gonna Put You Down

SMOKEY WILSON (1978) Sings The Blues (Big Town)
Honey Bee
I Wish I Was Single

SMOKEY WILSON (1983) 88th Street Blues (Murray Brothers Blues)
- Standing At The Crossroads
- You Know What My Body Needs
88th Street Blues

SMOKEY WILSON (1990) & The William Clarke Band (Black Magic)
The Things I Used To Do
Truckload Of Love

SMOKEY WILSON (1995) The Real Deal (Bullseye Blues)
I Wanna Do It To You Baby
- Can't Make It Without You

SMOKEY WILSON (1997) The Man From Mars (Bullseye Blues)
The Man From Mars
Don't Want To Tangle With Me

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - September week 3

EDDIE COTTON (2015) One At Time (DeChamp)
Ego At Your Door
Je Ne Sais Quoi

EUGENE HIDEAWAY BRIDGES (2015) Hold On / A Little Bit Longer (Armadillo)
End Of Time
One More Time

NICK FISHMAN BLUES BAND (2015) California Fresh (Nick Fishman)
Make It Good

GARY CLARK JR. (2015) The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim (Warner Bros)
- Our Love
Cold Blooded

MS. MURPHY (2015) Dirty Soul / Live From REC Studios (UMA)
- Express Yourself
Rising Moon

VINTAGE TROUBLE (2015) 1 Hopeful Road (Blue Note)
Soul Serenity
If You Loved Me

- Looking For A Good Time
Words Fail Me

MIGHTY SAM McCLAIN & KNUT REIERSRUD (2015) Tears Of The World (Act)
- Somebody Help Me

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - September week 2

ALBERT CUMMINGS (2015) Someone Like You (Blind Pig)
Little Bird
I'm In Love With You

THE CASH BOX KINGS (2015) Holding Court (Blind Pig)
I'm A Real Lover
Quarter To Blue

ZAC HARMON (2015) Right Man Right Now (Blind Pig)
Right Man Right Now
Feet Back On The Ground

SMOKIN' JOE KUBEK & BNOIS KING (2015) Fat Man's Shine Parlor (Blind Pig)
Done Got Caught Blues

ROD PIAZZA & THE MIGHTY FLYERS (2014) Emergency Situation (Blind Pig)
Bad Weather Blues

The Devil's Bite
Stop Bossin' Me Baby

ANDY T - NICK NIXON BAND (2015) Numbers Man (Blind Pig)
- Devil's Wife
- Blue Monday
This World We Live In

Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - September week 1

BUDDY GUY (2015) Born To Play Guitar (RCA / Silvertone)
- Born To Play Guitar
Come Back Muddy (Dedicated To Muddy Waters)

MUDDY WATERS 100 (2015) A Tribute From John Primer & Special Friends (Raisin'music)
Feel Like Going Home 
Forty Days And Forty Nights (Feat. Gary Clark Jr.)

OMAR COLEMAN (2015) Born & Raised (Delmark)
Tell Me What You Want
Man Like Me

WEE WILLIE WALKER (2015) If Nothing Ever Changes (Little Village Foundation)
Read Between The Lines
Help ! (Feat. Curtis Salgado)
Hymn For Lonely Hearts

JIMMY BURNS (2015) It Ain't Right (Delmark)
Will I Ever Find Somebody
Snaggletooth Mule

BARRY LEVENSON (2015) The Visit (Rip Cat)
You're Gonna Need Me (Feat. Billy Price)
The Visit

BUDDY GUY (2015) Born To Play Guitar (RCA / Silvertone)
Crazy World