Playlist 2018 #42

Mercredi 17 à 20h00 | Wednesday 17 at 8:00 PM (Paris Time)
Dimanche 21 à 21h00 | Sunday 21 at 9:00 PM
Lundi 22 à 22h00 | Monday 22 at 10:00 PM

THEOTIS TAYLOR (2018) Something Within Me 
(Big Legal Mess Records)
- Appreciation
- Fly Away To Be At Rest
- Thank You Jesus

PAUL THORN (2018) Don't Let The Devil Ride 
(Perpetual Obscurity Records)
- Don't Let The Devil Ride
- What Should I Do

BRYAN LEE (2018) Sanctuary 
(Earrelevant Records)
- Fight For The Light
- Jesus Gave Me The Blues

TRUDY LYNN (2018) Blues Keep Knockin'
(Connor Ray Music)
- I Sing The Blues
- Pitiful

(2018) Love Makes A Woman
 Feat. Darcel Wilson & Thornetta Davis
(JP Cadillac Records)
- Don't Cry Baby 
(Feat. Thornetta Davis)

(2018) Kids Dogs & Crazy Women 
(Connor Ray Music)
- Not The Man I Use To Be
- Every Side Of Lonsome

STEVE KRASE BAND (2018) Just Waitin' 
(Connor Ray Music)
- Nobody Loves Me


OTIS RUSH (1974) Screamin' And Cryin' 
- Loocking Back

AL CASEY (1973) Jumpin' With Al
One Woman's Man

ARNETT COBB (1973) Again With Milt
- Cobb's Boogie

BILLY BUTLER (1976) Don't Be That Way
- Blues For Marian

BUDDY TATE (1967) When I'm Blue
When I'm Blue

CARRIE SMITH (1977) When You're Down And Out
I Want A Little Boy

CLARENCE ''GATEMOUTH'' BROWN (1973) Cold Strange
My Time Is Expensive

EDDIE ''CLEANHEAD'' VINSON (1969) Kidney Stew 
Juice Head Baby

HELEN HUMES (1973) Helen Comes Back
- A Million Dollar Secret

ILLINOIS JACQUET (1973) With Wild Bill Davis
Blues For New Orleans

JAY McSHANN (1969) Confessin' The Blues
Confessin' The Blues
- Our Kinda Blues

JOHN LEE HOOKER (1969) Get Back Home
- I Had A Dream Last Night

LUTHER JOHNSON (1975) They Call Me The Popcorn Man
- Lonesome In My Bedroom

MAGIC SLIM (1978) Highway Is My Home
- Highway Is My Home

MIGHTY JOE YOUNG (1976) Bluesy Josephine
- Five Long Years

SY OLIVER (1973) Yes Indeed
- Rumble
- Yes Indeed

T-BONE WALKER (1968) Feelin' The Blues
- Feelin' The Blues

TINY GRIMES (1976) Some Groovy Fours
- Eveyday I Have The Blues

Playlist 2018 #41

Small Town Big Sound
(Muscle Shoals Music Group / BMG)
- Road Of Love
- I'd Rather Go Blind
- Cry Like A Rainy Day

PRINCE (2018) Piano & A Microphone 1983 
(Warner Bros. Records)
- A Case Of You
- Mary Don't You Weep
- Strange Relationship

JOSE JAMES (2018) Lean On Me 
(Blue Note Records)
- Ain't No Sunshine
- Grandma's Hands

TONY JOE WHITE (2018) Bad Mouthin’
(Yep Roc Records / Swamp Records)
- Bad Dreams
- Awful Dreams

MARK HUMMEL (2018) Harpbreaker
(Electro-Fi Records)
- See See Rider
- Glide On

KIRK FLETCHER (2018) Hold On 
(Kirk Fletcher)
- You Need Me
- Gotta Right
* Release Date : October 19, 2018 *

Playlist 2018 #40

April 29, 1935  September 29, 2018

OTIS RUSH (1978) Live In Europe 
(Isabel Records)
- Cut You Loose
- All Your Love I Miss Loving

OTIS RUSH (1978 / 1995) So Many Roads
 Live In Concert 
(Delmark Records)
- Will My Woman Be Home Tonight (Blue Guitar)
Everyday I Have The Blues
I Can't Quit You Baby

OTIS RUSH (1988) Tops
Recorded Live At The San Francisco Blues Festival   
(Blind Pig Records)
- Right Place, Wrong Time
Feel So Bad
Gambler's Blues

OTIS RUSH (2009) Chicago Blues Festival 2001 
(Otis Rush Music / P-Vine Records)
I Got My Mojo Working
Looking Back (Take A  Look Behind)

Playlist 2018 #39

MUDDY WATERS (1964 / 1999) Folk Singer 
(Chess Record / M.C.A Records)
(With Buddy Guy)
- Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
You're Gonna Need My Help
Cold Weather Blues

BUDDY GUY (2003) Blues Singer
(Silvertone Records)
- Moanin' And Groanin'
- Black Cat Blues

LURRIE BELL (2012) The Devil Ain't Got No Music
(Aria B.G. Records)
- Don't Let The Devil Ride
- Trouble In My Way 
(With Billy Branch)

KENNY NEAL & BILLY BRANCH (2002) Easy Meeting
(Isabel Records)
- The Son I Never Knew
- Early One Morning

CAREY & LURRIE BELL (2004) Second Nature
(Alligator Records)
- Heartaches And Pain

MAGIC SLIM (1995) Alone & Unplugged
(Wolf Records)
- Bye Bye Pretty Baby
- You Laugh And Grin

JOHN PRIMER (2012) Blues On Solid Ground
(Blues House Productions)
- Rambling Blues
- When I Leave Home

* repost * 
Playlist 2018 #38

FRANK BEY (2018) Back In Business
(Nola Blue Records)
- Back In Business
- Take It Back To Georgia
 - Where You Been So Long
* Release Date : September 21, 2018 *

ROBERT LEE COLEMAN (2018) What Left 
(Music Maker / Pinnacle Productions)
- Set You Free
- Tennessee Whiskey / I'd Rather Go Blind 
(Feat. Shana Hargrove, Lavern Smith & Wyatt Pyles)

BARRY GOLDBERG (2018) In The Groove 
(Sunset Blvd Records)
- Guess I Had Enough Of You
(Feat. Les McCann & Rob Stone)
- Ghosts In My Basement 
(Feat. Rob Stone)

BRUCE KATZ BAND (2018) Get Your Groove ! 
(American Showplace Music)
- Wasn't My Time

MIKE FARRIS (2018) Silver & Stone 
(Compass Records)
- Movin' Me
- Let Me Love You Baby

VANESSA COLLIER (2018) Honey Up 
(Phenix Fire Records)
- Love Me Like A Man

Playlist 2018 #37

GEOFF ACHISON (2018) Sovereign Town 
(Jupiter 2 Records / Landslide Records)
- Walk Away
- Misha Bella
- Rescue The Past

BOBBY WATSON (2018) From The East Side 
(NoiseWells Records)
- Ain't That Loving You
- Lies

ERIC LINDELL (2018) Revolution In Your Heart
(Alligator Records)
- Heavy Heart
- Appaloosa

BOZ SCAGGS (2018) Out Of The Blues 
(Concord Records)
- Those Lies
- The Feeling Is Gone

KENNEDY, MILTEAU, SEGAL (2018) CrossBorder Blues
- The Thrill Is Gone
* Release Date : September 14, 2018 *

MARINA CROUSE (2018) Never To Soon
(Little Village Foundation)
- Better Than You
- It's Been A Long Time

DEB RYDER (2018) Enjoy The Ride 
(VizzTone Label Group)
- For The Last Time 
(With Mike Finnigan)

EUGENE HIDEAWAY BRIDGES (2018) Live In Tallahassee
(Armadillo Music)
- I Can Never Forget
- How Long
- When The Blues Overtake You

Playlist 2018 #36

JEREMIAH JOHNSON (2018) Straitjacket
(Ruf Records)
- Getting Tired
- Blues In Her Eyes
- King & Queen

VANJA SKY (2018) Bad Penny
(Ruf Records)
- Low Down And Dirty 
(With Mike Zito)
- Crossroads Of Life

MIKE ZITO (2018) First Class Life
(Ruf Records)
- Mississippi Nights
- Damn Shame

(Ruf Records)
- You're Gonna Need Me
- Backdoor Man

(2018) Blues Caravan 2018
(Ruf Records)
Mike Zito
- Wasted Time
Bernard Allison,Vanja Sky & Mike Zito
- Life Is A Bitch
Bernard Allison
- Serious (As A Heart Attack)
* Release Date : September 21, 2018 *

Playlist 2018 #35

LAZY LESTER (2001) Blues Stop Knockin' 
(Antone's Records)
-They Call Me Lazy
- I Love You Baby
- I'm Your Breadmaker, Baby
R.I.P. LAZY LESTER (June 20, 1933  August 22, 2018)

(2018) Something Smells Funky 'Round Here
(Alligator Records)
- Right Now Is The Hour
- Another Mule

BOB CORRITORE & FRIENDS (2018) Don't Let The Devil Ride 
(SWMAF Records / VizzTone Label Group)
- Went Home This Morning
(With Willie Buck & Big Jon Atkinson)
- Thundering And Raining
(With Tail Dragger, Henry Gray & Rockin' Johnny)

VA. (2018) CHICAGO / The Blues Legends / Today ! 
(West Tone Records)
- Hot Cha
- Next Time You See Me
 - Unemployment Risin'
 - Dust My Broom

HOMESICK JAMES (2018) The Sensational Recordings
Shake Your Money Maker
(Wolf Records)
- My Baby's Gone (Take 2) 1975

VA. (2018) TRIBUTE
Newly Recorded Blues Celebration Of Delmark's 65th Anniversary
(Delmark Records)
- Speak My Mind
 - All For Business

Cognac Blues Passions, 2005 (Photo : Jp Savouyaud)
Playlist 2018 #34

With The Ray Bryant Combo 
(Columbia Records)
- Today I Sing The Blues
- Maybe I'm A Fool

ARETHA FRANKLIN (1964) Unforgettable
A Tribute To Dinah Washington
(Columbia Records)
- Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning
- Evil Gal Blues

WHITNEY SHAY (2018) A Woman Rules The World
(Little Village Foundation)
- Blues Down Home
- Don't You Fool Me No More

FRANK BEY (2018) Back In Business
(Nola Blue Records)
 - Where You Been So Long
* Release Date : September 21, 2018 *

MARCEL SMITH (2018) Everybody Needs Love
(Little Village Foundation)
- Everybody Needs Love
- Keep Movin' On 
(Feat. Wee Willie Walker)

WEE WILLIE WALKER (2015) If Nothing Ever Changes 
(Little Village Foundation)
What Love Can Do

TOMMIE HARRIS & R&B CARAVAN (2018) Alabama Hambone 
Feat. Kai Strauss 
(Styx Records)
- I Need Your Love
- Good Daddy

BOZ SCAGGS (2018) Out Of The Blues 
(Concord Records)
- I've Just Got To Forget You
- I've Just Got To Know

ARETHA FRANKLIN (1967) I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You
(Atlantic Records)
- Drown My Own Tears
- I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)
- Soul Serenade
R.I.P. ARETHA LOUISE FRANKLIN (March 25, 1942  August 16, 2018)