Playlist 2020 #07

Mercredi 12 à 20h00 | Wednesday 12at 8:00 PM (Paris Time)
Dimanche 16 à 21h00 | Sunday 16 at 9:00 PM

(Ruf Records)
- Sin City
- Over The Hill
- On And On

BIG DADDY WILSON (2019) Deep In My Soul 
(Ruf Records)
- Deep In My Soul
- I'm Walking

WHITNEY SHAY (2020) Stand Up ! 
(Ruf Records)
- Boy Sit Down 
(Feat. Laura Chavez, Marcia Ball & Guy Forsyth)
- I Never Meant To Love Him
* Release Date : February 21, 2020 *

THE BB KING BLUES BAND (2019) The Soul Of The King 
(Ruf Records)
- Sweet Little Angel 
(Feat. Kenny Neal)

RYAN PERRY (2020) High Risk, Low Reward 
(Ruf Records)
- Why I Sing The Blues
- Pride
* Release Date : March 13, 2020 *

BERNARD ALLISON (2020) Songs From The Road 
(Ruf Records)
- Let's Try It Again
- Meet Me Half Way

Playlist 2020 #06

JUNIOR WATSON (2019) Nothin' To It But To Do It
Feat. Alabama Mike & Lisa Leuschner Andersen
(Little Village Foundation)
- Up And Out
- A Shot In The Dark 
(Feat. Alabama Mike)
- You're Gonna Need Me Before I Need You 
(Feat. Lisa Leuschner Andersen)

Howlin' At Greaseland 
(West Tone Records)
- Riding In The Moonlight 
(Feat. John Blues Boyd)
- Forty Four 
(Feat. Lee Donald)

FRANCK L. GOLDWASSER (2020) Little Black Spider
 And Other Songs From The Trenches Of The Blues
With Kid Andersen & June Core 
(Slymbird Records)
- Bring Me My Forty-Five
- Don't Say You're Sorry

JUNE CORE (2017) Rhythm & Blues
(Self Released)
- Standin' On The Corner 
(Feat. Little Jonny Lawton)
- If I Ever Needed You 
(Feat. Adrian Costa)

BOB CORRITORE & FRIENDS (2019) Do The Hip-Shake Baby ! 
(SWMAF / VizzTone Label Group)
- Love Deep As The Ocean
(Feat. John Primer)
- Trying To Make A Living 
(Feat. Sugaray Rayford & Junior Watson)

ROCKIN' JOHNNY & QUIQUE GOMEZ (2019) Dos Hombres Wanted 
(VizzTone Label Group)
- Your Charm Won't Help You

KID & LISA ANDERSEN (2018) Greatest Hits 
(Greaseland Records)
- Greaseland Shuffle
- Don't Answer The Door