Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - December week 1

MISS ANGEL (2015) Down In Mississippi (Electro-Fi)
(With Shawn Kellerman)
Blues In The Alley
- I Like Your Soul

 MEL BROWN (2000) Neck Bones & Caviar (Electro-Fi)
- I Believe To My Soul

HARMONICA SHAH (2015) If You Live To Get Old, You Will Understand (Electro-Fi)
(With Jack De Keyzer & Julian Fauth)
- I Just Don't Want You No More
- My Babe Is On This Train 

BLACKBURN (2015) Brothers In This World (Electro-Fi)
- My Train
- I Can't Go Home

MEL BROWN (2010) Love, Lost And Found (Electro-Fi)
- Come Back Baby

RIP LEE PRYOR (2014) Nobody But Me (Electro-Fi)
- Lonesome
- Crazy Bout You Baby

SNOOKY PRYOR & MEL BROWN (2000) Double Shot ! (Electro-Fi)
Early In The Morning

JAMES HARMAN (2015) Bonetime (Electro-Fi)
- Ain't It Crazy
- Coldfront Woman