Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - November week 2

STEVE ''BIG MAN'' CLAYTON (2015) Best Of 1999-2007 (Stormy Monday)
- Baby Please
- The Anxious Boogie

HENRY CARPANETO (2014) Voodoo Boogie (Orange Home)
- Turn Down The Noise 
(Feat. Bryan Lee)

KEN SAYDAK (2015) Live In La Veta Vol.2 (S. Cargo)
- Thinking And Drinking
- Ain't Found The Answer Yet

CHRIS FOREMAN (2015) Now Is Time (The Sirens)
(Feat. Andy Brown)

HENRY CARPANETO (2014) Voodoo Boogie (Orange Home)
- Dog & Down Blues 
(Feat. Bryan Lee, Otis Grand & Tony Coleman)

RAPHAEL WRESSNIG (2014) Soul Gumbo (Zyx)
- Room With A View
(Feat. Tad Robinson & Alex Schultz)
I Want To Know 
(Feat. Walter ''Wolfman'' Washington & George Porter, Jr.)

EDDY LOUISS (1995) Louissiana (La Bande Son)
- So I Am In New Orleans

EDDY LOUISS (1987) Sang Mêlé (Nocturne)
- Blues For Klook