Playlist 2017 #49

ROBERT "BILBO" WALKER (1997) Promised Land 
(Rooster Blues Records)
Goin' To The Train Station
Please Love Me

ROBERT "BILBO" WALKER (1998) Rompin' & Stompin' 
(Fedora Records)
Mel's Hideaway

LITTLE JOE WASHINGTON (2003) Houston Guitar Blues 
(Dialtone Records)
How Long
Bye Bye

LITTLE JOE WASHINGTON (2005) The Blues Reality 
(P-Vine Japan)

LITTLE JOE WASHINGTON (2009) Texas Fire Line 
(Dialtone Records)
You're Still My Baby

LEE GATES (2005) & The Alabama Cotton Kings 
(Music Maker)
- When Baby Got The Blues

LEE GATES (2006) Black Lucy´s Deuce 
(Music Maker)
The Best Lover I'd Ever Had

LEE GATES (2009) Touring With Lucy 
(Music Maker)
Meet You On The Other Side Of Town
I'm Leaving You Woman

ROBERT "BILBO" WALKER (2001) Rock The Night 
(Rooster Blues Records)
- Cut You A Loose
Linda Lu
Standing At My Window / Don't Answer The Door
R.I.P. ROBERT "BILBO" WALKER JR. (February 19, 1937  November 29, 2017)