Playlist 2017 #48

ASAF AVIDAN (2016) AA In The Box II 
(Asaf Avidan)
Love It Or Leave It
Over You Blues

ASAF AVIDAN (2017) The Study On Falling 
(Telmavar Records)
A Man Without A Name

BIG CREEK SLIM (2016) Keep My Belly Full 
(Straight Shooter Records)
- Woman Don't Lie
Alright Baby

SAN PEDRO SLIM (2017) In Times Like These 
(Mojo King Music)
No Overtime
When You Hurt

KIM WILSON (2017) Blues And Boogie Vol1 
(Severn Records)
You Upset My Mind
Teenage Beat

SVEN ZETTERBERG (2016) Something For Everybody 
(Gamlestans Grammofonbolag)
- My Blues Got Me Walkin'
Walk Out Like A Lady

 COREY DENNISON BAND (2017) Night After Night
(Delmark Records)
- It's So Easy
Troubles Of The World