Playlist 2016 #28

MIKE WHEELER BAND (2016) Turn Up !! (Delmark)
You Won't Do Right
A Blind Man Can See

OMAR COLEMAN (2015) Born & Raised (Delmark)
I Don't Want No Trouble

COREY DENNISON BAND (2016) Corey Dennison Band (Delmark)
The Deacon
- A Fool's Goodbye

GUY KING (2016) Truth (Delmark)
- Bad Case Of Love
- Something's Wrong

DAVE WELD & THE IMPERIAL FLAMES (2015) Slip Into A Dream (Delmark)
Walk On Down

JIMMY BURNS (2015) It Ain't Right (Delmark)
A String To Your Heart

OMAR COLEMAN (2016) Live ! At Rosa's Lounge (Delmark)
Give Me The Green Light
Two Headed Woman