Playlist 2018 #22

KID RAMOS (2018) Old School 
(Rip Cat Records)
Wes Side
All Your Love

PAUL FILIPOWICZ (2018) Unfiltered 
(Big Jake Records)
All My Whole Life Baby
Canal Street
* Release Date : June 28, 2018 *

KEESHEA PRATT BAND (2018) Believe 
Monkey See, Monkey Do

ARTUR MENEZES (2018) Keep Pushing 
(Self Released)
Should Have Never Left

DANY FRANCHI (2018) Problem Child 
(Station House Records)
Everything Gonna Be Alright

JOHN CLIFTON (2018) Nightlife 
(Rip Cat Records)
- Long As I Have You
Wild Ride

WILLIE JACKSON (2018) Chosen By The Blues 
(Self Released)
Just An Old Dog
Big Bone Woman