Playlist 2017 #20

DON BRYANT (2017) Don't Give Up On Love 
(Fat Possum Records)
- I Got To Know
- Don t Give Up On Love
How Do I Get There

JOHN McNAMARA (2017) Rollin' With It 
(Bahool Records)
- Blind Man
You Wouldn't Wanna Know

MR. SIPP (2017) Knock A Hole In It 
(Malaco Records)
- Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Strings Attached

JANIVA MAGNESS (2017) Blue Again
(Bluélan Records)
 - I Love You More You'll Ever Know
(Feat. Kid Ramos)
If I Can Have You
(Feat. Sugaray Rayford)

ROBERT CRAY (2017) & Hi Rhythm 
(Jay-Vee Records)
- You Had My Heart
I'm With You, Pt.1

 GARY CLARK JR. (2017) Live / North America 2016 
(Warner Bros. Records)
- The Healing
Our Love