Playlist 2016 #15

LUCKY PETERSON (2016) Long Nights (JSP)
Long Nights
Wasting My Time

CURTIS SALGADO (2016) The Beautiful Lowdown (Alligator)
I'm Not Made That Way

ULF SANDSTROM & BO GUSTAFSSON (2016) Reed & Ivory Feat. Gumbo Recorded Live
My Heart Is Mended

THE CLAUDETTES (2015) No Hotel (Yellow Dog)
Ne T'en Vas Pas

CHAMPIAN FULTON (2016) After Dark (Gut String)
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home

J. BEYER (2016) Time Of Gathering (J. Beyer)
Tiny's Mood

BEN POOLE (2016) Time Has Come (Manhaton)
 - I Think I Love You Too Much
* Ben Poole live at Bagnols Blues, august 05, 2016 : *

DENNIS JONES (2016) Both Sides Of The Track (Blue Rock)
When Youre Not Around

AWA LY (2016) Five And A Feather (Naïve)
- Let Me Love You

MARY ANN CASALE (2016) Restless Heart (Crustee Tees)
Cryin' Over You

WAX & BOOGIE - BIG COMBO - (2016) Come With Me (David Giorcelli Perez)
- When You Love Somebody So Much