Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - April week 5

NINA SIMONE (2015) La Légende (Sony)
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Since I Fell For You

JEWEL BROWN FEAT. BLOODEST SAXOPHONE (2015) Roller Coaster Boogie (Dynaflow)
Ain't Nobody's Business
Dark Shadows

DEB RYDER (2015) Let It Rain (Bejeb)
Cry Another Tear
- Let It Rain

MACY GRAY (2014) The Way (Happy Mel Boppy)
Bang Bang
Me With You

IYEOKA (2014) Say Yes Evolved (Underground Sun)
Broken Hearts Anthem (Walk Away)
- Simply Falling

LEELA JAMES (2014) Fall For You (BMG)
Fall For You
- Save Me (Featuring Joe Ryan)

MELANIE DURRANT (2015) Anticipation (Melo-D's)
- Ain't Coming Back
- Mr. Wonderful

ASTRID JONES & THE BLUE FLAPS (2014) Stand Up (Okoume)
I Wanna Say