Playlist VIRUS DE BLUES 2015 - March week 3

NICO DUPORTAL & HIS RHYTHM DUDES (2015) Guitar Player (Rhythm Bomb)
Guitar Player
When I'm Gone
Much Later For You

JOHAKIM TINDERHOLT & HIS BAND (2014) You Gotta Do More (Big H)
- Stumble' & Fumble'
I Need A Woman
Double Trouble

SEAN COSTELLO (2014) In The Magic Shop (SCF / VizzTone)
- It's My Own Fault
You Don't Know What Love Is

JW-JONES (2014) Belmont Boulevard (Blind Pig)
Coming After Me
What's Inside Of You

THE MIKE HENDERSON BAND (2014) If You Think It's Hot Here.... (Eller Soul)
 I Wanta Know Why
Weepin' And Moanin'

THE KNICKERBOCKER ALL-STARS (2014) Open Mic At The Knick (JP Cadillac)
Five Long Years (vc : Willie J. Laws)
Jelly Jelly (vc : Johnny Nicholas)

LYNWOOD SLIM (2014) Hard To Kill (Rip Cat)
Don't Put Me Down
- All Of My Life