Playlist 2017 #35

LEW JETTON & 61 SOUTH (2017) Palestine Blues 
(Robert Lewis Jetton)
- Drinking Again
- Don't Need No Devil

WILLA (2017) Better Days 
(Building Records)
- Say What
- Opposite Of Lonely

(Ham-Bone Records)
- Breaking Down

SCOTT ELLISON (2017) Good Morning Midnight
(Red Parlor Records)
- Gone For Good
- You Made A Mess (Outta Me)

TREVOR SEWELL (2017) Calling Nashville - A American Aventure 
(Trevor Sewell)
- You Ain't What I'm Looking For
- Fade To Grey 
(With Janis Ian)

JOHN McNAMARA (2017) Rollin' With It 
(Bahool Records)
- Under The Weight Of The Moon
- Suffering With The Blues

JOHNNY RAY JONES (2017) Feet Back In The Door 
(Moondogg Records)
- In The Heart Of The City
- Hearts Have Turned To Stone