Playlist 2018 #14

KID RAMOS (2018) Old School 
(Rip Cat Records) 
- I Can't Wait Baby
 (Feat. Johnny Tucker)
Weight On My Shoulders
(Feat. Big Jon Atkinson)
Wes Side

KEITH JOHNSON (2018) Come To Mississippi 
(Keith Johnson Records)
- Gambling Man
Same Thing

MUD MORGANFIELD (2018) They Call Me Mud 
(Severn Records)
They Call Me Mud
48 Days

KATHY & THE KILOWATTS (2018) Premonition Of Love 
(Nola Blue Records)
Black Nights
What Have I Done Wrong

WENTUS BLUES BAND (2018) Throwback 
(Ramasound Records)
Done Somebody Wrong
Fixin´ To Die

THE NICK MOSS BAND (2018) The High Cost Of Low Living
Feat. Dennis Gruenling
(Alligator Records)
- Note On The Door
- Rambling On My Mind